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Vegetables are people too

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Today, I managed to actually write a few lines of code that tied together several weeks' worth of effort into a nice little whole.
It may not look it, but that's a significant step forward. It means I've profoundly rewired the internals of my code to support cinema scenes, and now it should be very simple indeed to whip out quick realtime cinema scenes for things like docking, dying, and warping. Amazing! It also sort of means that I have a chunk of the AI infrastructure in place, ready to give ships little goals and have them do stuff as my twisted hand demands.

Anyway, next up is weapons. I'd have gotten them done today, but my motivation waned when it came time to figure out how I should rebuild my bullet class to 'encapsulate' rather than 'inherit'.

Expect some nicer screenshots soon as I shoot up planets, bad guys, and other AI-less monstrosities.

Since my crackheaded comic posts seem to be drawing such massive reams of comments:

SHilbert: you do realize that someone probably shot their electrician/cable repair man/plumber for those to exist
ravuya: only americans would think to enter a house in which an opponent presumably is within to gun them down
SHilbert: well it's their house, you see. and they're of course packing
ravuya: i like how happy the maintenance man is
SHilbert: he's happy because now you know not to shoot him
Today's play suggestion: Puzzle Quest. Hard to find in stores in the past? Not anymore! They did a new printing of the game to satisfy the ravenous demand put upon the game retail market at large by angry, carnivorous Penny Arcade fans. You should be able to find it cheap as chips. Just make sure not to buy the buggy first printing of the PSP release -- companions don't work.

However, those of you reading my journal are obviously very smart and attractive, and would never demean yourselves by admitting to owning a PSP.

A Wii version is coming soon. SHilbert works at the company that makes it, but not on it. So don't ask him for help learning how to play Bejeweled with venomous spiders.
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I saw that today in gamestation. It had the best looking cover of all the games on display. I was going to buy it for my Sony console type thingy but didn’t because i series of very unfortunate events occurred.

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