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Long time, no post. I've been working on the user interface and various other things related to it. I implemented print-resolution screenshots a la Game Programming Gems 2, except that I've used OpenGL matrix concatenation to build the sub-sections. Here's a list of the widgets that I'm doing: button, edit, image, list, panel, text. The interface is going to be static from the end-user perspective.

I'm currently implementing some unfinished widgets and starting to paint some icons. I've decided on 4 icons for the command bar: main menu, inventory, journal, and map. They're all easy to design except the menu menu icon; what kind of analogy can you possibly draw for a main menu that would work as an icon? Sierra represented the main menu icon as a ticked slider in its mouse-driven adventure games, but I want something with a more fitting ambience.

I installed Ubuntu and GIMP on my laptop and, with my tablet, its proving to be a comfortable environment for 2D art. Pen sensitivity works well and the LCD screen is much crisper than my old desktop CRTs.
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