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A new book just came in: Essential Actionscript 3.0. Looking through it, I can see I have a lot to learn, both in the new Actionscript and in programming in general. I am not used to being so strictly directed in what should and shouldn't be done, but I can see that it will speed things up for me dramatically. Having my options on how to do something cut back means I can't spend as much time hemming and hawing about whether this should be a local or global variable.

I have the beginnings of an idea for a game which will use the engine (?) I am building. I will post details when they become more clear. It is entirely possible that the specifics will change when 4e6 begins.

Next steps for the parallax sprite engine:
-reacting to key presses
-scrolling ground
-terrain created from an XML file
-move all variables to an external config file

One thing at a time, I suppose.
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