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Rinse and Repeat -- er Code.

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Ungh! Hulk smash!

Cripes, it feels like all I do is write flippin' 2D game foundation code. I've got sprite engines and tile engines falling out my ears. I have nothing against code reuse, but I have no pre-existing gamedev work in Java to pull resources from. Still, since I'm using a graphics base of OpenGL I've been able to mimic my old C++/SDL/OpenGL work without too much of a headache.

On the upside, the foundation nonsense is nearly completed, and the actual game-related coding will get underway. I'll throw in a few screenshots showing relatively unexciting test cases for a few parts of the engine. [smile]

(The first test after getting LWJGL initialized and the Texture class written; drawing a tiling of random sprites pulled from Skirmish.)

(The tile engine completed (using Admiral Overalls graphics), as well as the sprite engine functioning, with bat-wielding aliens bouncing around.)

(The collision detection system; showing here Circle->Pixel collisions of a red circle versus a gray chesterfield.)

Placeholder graphics never impressed anyone, but I intend to integrate the old Skirmish graphics in to at least give it a more attractive shine. I'm really interested in upping the spiffiness further, but I'll wait until the game starts to really get going before I try and lure an artist on board. Maybe I can sucker Mark into making me a character template like the one he made for Sapo. [smile]

The original plan was to opt for an ambitious polygonal-based sector approach to the 2D environment in a DooM-like fashion, but mapping repeating 2D walls properly onto the outside edges of arbitrary polygons proved difficult. I realized after a few days of work that the approach wouldn't be worth the intense pain (this time). I instead chose to go for the simpler tile-based map format, although including sloped diagonal "half-tiles" to combat the 90-degree syndrome.

With grunt work all but completed, basic player physics/controls are implemented, with player animations/states up next. I'm not sure if I'll tackle the networking directly after, or if I'll opt to implement more client-side systems beforehand.

Overall, it's been slow going. We're really busy at work during the ~5 weeks of July -- yay for summer curriculum writers? -- so my programming time is mostly within the confines of my two 1-hour train rides. I've just been too drained upon getting home to really push any code out.

Despite this, I'm incredibly excited to finally be working Skirmish Online after all of this time. Regardless of the woes of working fulltime and another term of university this September, I'm eager to make it somehow fit in. [smile]
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First comment!!!!!1

It's great that you're again making SO, I was just yesterday reading of the legendary beta tests in the backlogs of Mushu's journal.

...and I guess I could do one template

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Hooray! I missed those beta tests.

I demand more satisfying and juicy melee. I want to be able to punch Mushu's head clean off for lipping off to me.

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