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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I don't any time to write anything, but I think this screenshot sums up what I did today...


Sorry for the lack of content, in my next update I'll talk about how the networking is going to work (just for you HopeDagger[wink]) Peace Out!
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Having blood splats rotated to the normal of the exit wound and made more translucent with distance causes a nice arterial-spray effect.

Also don't forget about giblets. Adding small giblets to the blood (that wrap up cleanly) helps establish the relative power of weapons.

Finally, I hope those severed limbs slide across the ground, leaving a progressively thinner blood trail.

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I really need to see this in action, it's hard to tell from this how stuff happened(there seems to be some scientist pieces without any blood at all)

And I don't think the blood should fade away from the chunks, although the pools should be smaller.

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