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Growing my e-penis

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I've been playing some Xbox 360 where I'm doing my thesis project, since I don't have a console of my own. Some of the games I've been playing are Guitar Hero 2, Burnout: Revenge and Dead Rising. Oh how I love Dead Rising!

I've gone out of my way to take pictures of large zombie groups and even put funny hats on them. You know; the extra stuff you often do in games but no one will ever know, until now. Remember getting Samus in the swimsuit on Metroid for NES? Got any proof? No? Now games actually measure your e-penis and add an inch or two for every nerd thing you do! Auto-upload to your profile, online!

Wish you had proof of this moment, huh?

Since the word "e-penis" doesn't have a good ESRB rating Microsoft calls this Gamerscore. They even got a nifty feature to measure yourself against your friends! Gamerscore is enlarged.. err I mean gained, by obtaining Achievement points in games. Those are challenges that you can take in games, like completing them (like the 3 Day Survivor Achievement in Dead Rising) or doing really hard stuff (like the Millionaire Pair Achievement in Guitar Hero 2; Get 1,000,000 points on a song in Cooperative).

His e-penis in Guitar Hero 2 is larger than mine =(

So now I'm hooked on doing all the weird stuff the developers have thought out as challenges. I.e. growing my e-penis.

I'm hooked on Dead Rising, it's the most entertaining game I've played for years. Here's why:

All the cool stuff you can do, it's incredible!! The blender, the clothes, the camera, the skills, the weapons... oh the weapons! It's like a giant sandbox of stuff you can do, to kill zombies. Then they couple that with a nice and intriguing story worthy of movie by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell(!). On top of that Capcom adds time pressure through your clock (be at the helipad in 72 hours) and a whole bunch of quests; both for the main story and to rescue survivors. They also give you seven different endings. I got the F ending first, but managed to get the A ending last night.

Except that's not the end! There are 48 more hours! The awesomeness never ends... The story continues and now I'm battling for the ture ending (I like how they misspelled that).
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I love achievements. They're the greatest things ever made, and having them linked to the Internet at large is even better!

It's like getting rewarded for doing stupid things.

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Yeah I love the whole concept. Last night I completed Overtime Mode in Dead Rising, for the True Ending (got the Unbreakable Achievement too!). So now I'm just hunting the other 27 Achievements (out of 50), instead of just letting the game be. That really lifts the replay value!

What I would like though is some standardised meters, such as "finished" and how many of the endings you got ("1 of 1" if there's only one). Also, it should differ the demo from the real game and if you finished that., for example, counts a game as "completed" when you've got all the Achievements.

An overview in It doesn't reflect the fact that I've completed Dead Rising. Twice.

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