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Haiku, Hints, and Hemingway

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Sorry there hasn't been much to report on the game front. I decided about a month ago that I was a delinquent reviewer and that I wasn't gonna rest until I cleared out my review-queue completely. I still have a couple of books and software packages to go, but it's actually starting to clear out.

And that means that gamedev's getting more and better content. You'll also notice that Drew's gonna be posting book-reviews on the front page. This is an attempt to keep the content rolling as well as to point out when new book reviews appear, as there's really no way to check for new "featured" book reviews.

And the haiku contest is going apace. There are some good entries, some really bad entries, and some entries by people who clearly don't know what the word "syllable" means. In other words, it's progressing about as well as I had hoped.

Two haiku that I thought I'd see immediately but as yet haven't.

pie pie pie pie pie
pie pie pie pie pie pie pie
pie pie pie pie pie


one two three four five
one two three four five six seven
one two three four five

Although the second does point out the inherent problem with such a trivial haiku, as counting to seven actually requires EIGHT syllables, thus making such a thing impossible unless you do something like.

one two three four five
one two three four five six blurk*
one two three four five

* Bengalese word for "seven"

Thankfully I'm only judging for presence and not content. And the first book is given away tomorrow, so get your entry in now. See the previous entry for the link.

It's back-to-school season, and that means lots of great loss-leaders at the office supply stores. At Staples, they had one-penny deals on 8-packs of pencils, pocket folders, pencil sharpeners, and pencil cases. 3-ring binders are 33 cents.

Office Depot had packs of 3-hole paper and plastic rulers for a penny and Elmer's glue for 9 cents. It's rather nice that they didn't overlap this time.

The upshot is that you can show up at your local office super-center this week with a couple of dollars and walk out with a good selection of office supplies.

Note that most of these loss-leaders are limited to 3 or 5 items, so don't think you can show up with five bucks and leave with 400 pounds of paper.

Another good office supply are those little bound books. They're the kind that are smaller than standard paper (about 5x8 inches) and usually have black covers. If you have a job that requires billing for hours, I recommend that you write down your hours in longhand in a bound notebook rather then using software or a ringed organizer, because it holds up better legally, mainly because it's impossible to add or remove pages without it being obvious. If you ever get in a conflict about billing, having your hours in a bound book will look better than something that makes "cooking the books" trivial, like a piece of software or a ringed organizer.

Anyway, they're generally going for less than a buck so now's the time to buy a stack of 'em.

Or you can just write that novel that you've been meaning to start. IIRC, Ernest Hemingway wrote all of his books in pencil on legal-pads, so you can now get the supplies necessary to write your own Great American Novel for about a buck.
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