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Web space woes

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Trapper Zoid


Moonpod's Starscape has proved to be a mite more addictive than I'd bargined for; it's taken the lion share of my dev time recently. While sampling indie games has been instructive, it's also extremely distracting when they're so fun. I've got to make me an omni-directonal shooter game some time; Membrane Massacre and Starscape have shown me that. I'll have to curb my indie game play time for now so I can get absorbed in more productive tasks so I can get there.

I've been a bit concerned with my lull in art practice, so I've decided to schedule some regular Inkscape time to build up my skills. To start with I've decided to make a header banner for my journal. Unforuntately I can't seem to upload it at the moment - something seems to have run afoul with the GDNet members FTP. I've put a place holder up from my image archives, although it's entirely the wrong shape and I can't fix my style sheet right now. I plan to replace the header image every week with something new, so I'm forced to draw something regularly.

I'll upload the header when GDNet's web space system is working again.


It seems to be working now; it's just slow as molasses. I've uploaded the header. It's rather simple and there's a lot of room for improvement but it's a start. I'll attempt a more complex one on the weekend.
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