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WOOT! First Post!

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Oh yeah! I'm so l33t I got the first post on my own journal. Owned.

Anyway, hello GDNet journal world. Allow me to quickly introduce myself. My name is Brandon and I'm a 25-year-old dude in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Last year I graduated as a computer support specialist and I'm starting school again this fall to get a computer science degree.

I quickly realized supporting computers, networks, and people's failing mice was not my ideal job. After spending some time reflecting on my past and looking towards the future, I chose to continue my education and give it a focus that I'm passionate about. That focus brings me to GDNet; can you guess what it might be?

The C# Workshop is where I'm starting my adventures. I decided I should learn a language and learn it well. I blogged about other reasons for joining the workshop at my website. I think this journal will also be very beneficial.

I used a journal during a networking capstone class where I learned about its value. We used it to analyze our learning, reflect on our experiences, and evaluate our progress. This online journaling seems to offer much more, such as feedback and the ability to share ideas, code, and etc with others.

An applicable quote to begin this journal: "Nothing is as empowering as real-world validation, even if it's for failure." - Steven Pressfield

First up on the agenda: an old school menu selection (think highlighting text) prototype for the SUD (single user dungeon) we'll be working on during the workshop.
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