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Let there be sound

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So, pretty much, the actual game portion of Blocky Man is done, save for sound. Of course, I want their to be sound in the game, so I have to get working on that. I'm going on a trip till next monday, so I'll start on sounds then. I really want to get this game released soon, because it's turned out so well.

I've also been working on my beat-em-up project, getting the background scrolling working.

I've been following the E3 stuff pretty closely, playing the demos(Ace Combat 6!). I was little upset by the news of Gears of War for the PC. I wasn't upset because they're making it for the PC, I'm upset because of the exclusive single player levels for the PC version. I'm a really big fan of Gears of War, and I play the game alot online, so I'd really like to play those new single player levels. Oh well, I was cheered back up again by a release date for the new Smash Bros[grin]
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