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sorry i'm neglecting this thing. at least i have something worth posting about!

for the last while i've been working on really about two things. one is with JM on a project he's working on. the other is on ActionRPG. i don't really have alot to talk about with JM's project atm, i'll come back to it when i get something worth talking about on the go.

while i don't have any amazing demos i just had to make youtubes of, i have finally come to the first milestone of ActionRPG, the C#/MDX Sprite class. most importantly, i've got a class that will fill itself with information it loads from a given xml file designed to my specs. less important is the texture manager i've built and the overall source/player design i stole/amped from JM. i still have some interface redesign to do but i'm pretty close to what i'm going to be happy with.

i think the next step for me will be to build up to the slime-knockabout/fakie-damage thing again, that was pretty cool. i don't have anything for collision detection in the xml files, and i may not need to if i allow access to the current frame info - i'll be able to use that to figure out the collision info. not sure if that's a terribly good idea or not, but i do know i don't want to make collision info a part of the Sprite objects directly.

i guess that's next!
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