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Contracting pain over!!

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119 views I finally finished the contract yesterday.
Was definitely very much longer than I had hoped for. Just goes to show how easy it is to underestimate software! Sheesh!!
3 months of pain and frustration and 3 months out of the development schedule. Ouch!
On the positive side there's now a little money in the coffers
Am going to have a talk to a guy in the local business community and a good friend about the project and our game company. So yeah, am looking to explore some networking options in the business community. If nothing else comes of it at least some people (maybe even rich people) will know of our existence.
Perhaps I can even get a little seed funding so I don't have to take 3 months out just to put food on the table! Bah!!
Have been preparing a Power Point presentation today.. It's kinda rough, but the guy I'm seeing tomorrow is a long time friend and an open-minded thinker so I think it will be alright.
Wish me luck ;)
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