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Here we go again

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Dear sweet Jesus.

I'm going to go tell them to stuff their job up their backside tomorrow.

Whole thing is a bloody scam. It's preying on vunerable people in their homes to sign up for a GBP2000 (about $4000) credit agreement to pay for a course than nets them NO qualification and is not worth the paper it is printed on.

My job is to persuade people that call in that a "course advisor" is going to visit their house to offer impartial advice on routes into the plumbing industry and discuss the options open to them.

The "advisors" are actually hard arsed salesman who then use every trick in the book to get a parent, or even grandparent, to sign this bloody credit agreement.

Once the "student" then realises the course is bollocks and stops doing it, it is then my job to phone the person who signed the agreement up and point out that the credit agreement is binding despite the fact that the course is no longer being undertaken, and that if they don't pay I'll take them to court.

Sod that. I've made about ten such calls today and I'm not now sure if I'll sleep tonight. In between calls like that, I'm getting incoming calls and am convincing all these poor kids that our "advisor" will be able to help them get a career.

I had to threaten someone's grandma with court because she had signed the agreement for her grandson today, for Christ's sake.

So bollocks to them. I'm going to go in first thing and tell them to stuff it. I don't even care if they pay me for the week I've done or not. I'm not prepared to take a single other call for them.

I'll end up liable for fraud charges myself at this rate. I'm supposed to be recruiting a team of people and, as their manager, getting them to tell people all this tosh.

No bloody way. Not prepared to do it. I'd rather go work in a factory for miminum wage than do another minute for the conning, decietful, vampiric bastards.

Sorry about all the journal swearing. Not normally my style but I'm so bloody angry at the moment.

Here are some links that are relevant:


Not for me, all this shit. I'm off.
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It makes you feel sick that such companies are allowed to exist and makes you wonder what kinds of people think up these scams in the first place. get out quick and follow it up with a few anonymous phone calls to the relevant authorities.

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Get out while you still can, definitely. I'm sure you'll be able to find work that doesn't involve playing people for suckers and profiting off their misery.

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Thanks for the comments and support. It's a hard decision to make to walk out on a job but I am not prepared to sink this low.

My parnter seems behind me in the decision, although I'll need to find something else pretty quick.

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