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This is a blast from the past... Apparently, Programmer16 studied my cConsole code to research how to "interface with the console", and wrote his own Console class (without the input capabilities, from what I can tell) for use in his recent Quickies games. That's pretty neat, and quite an ego boost for the amateur 'grammer to have his code used in someone else's program.

I'm definitely considering going back and improving it, since it's apparently a useful resource for Windows console programming. I'll get on it after I'm done with my Card classes. Hey, cConsole (renamed to Console when I do it) will definitely be handy at the very least for the C++ Workshop projects.

Uh.. that's actually why I originally wrote it. Talk about getting sidetracked.

Speaking of the Card classes, I haven't worked on them much lately, but CardDeck needs some reworking, since it's got some very strange bugs, like iterator invalidations which I had thought I'd fixed, and on Draw() getting an invalid card when I know there's cards in there.

Finally... it'd be nice to get a comment or two here? My last few entries garnered zilch.
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Your cousins are hot.

Seriously though, you need to put content to comment on lol. Most everything you wrote could only be commented on with agreement and that's just a waste of time. For example, maybe go into detail about what's wrong with CardDeck; maybe post some code or something. Questions are great for spurring commentors too.

PS: Your cousins really are hot.

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