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Evil Steve


Whee, scripting support is ported over. I also added a debug print function, since the default Lua one prints to stdout, which is useless for a Win32 application. So my version just prints the string(s) passed to it to the debug log, which ends up in the debug output window and in the debug log file. Nothing too fancy, but it'll be good for debugging.
I also changed the code slightly so it doesn't use a file abstraction for script reading, it uses resources, so scripts can be read from my data pack. Just a couple of lines for that change though.

Also, I heard at work that Lua makes a crapload of tiny allocations, so it's not currently using my memory manager. I'll add that at some point though. I also need to make my script load functions take IDs instead of filenames, just for consistancy.

And, I got a photo of my desk at work. I don't, however, have a card reader or compatible USB cable here, so you'll have to wait till I get home in 6 hours or so before I can put the pictures up in the What does your workspace look like? thread in the lounge.

Anyway, back to work...
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