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Juicy commits, hot off the grill

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That was one big, thick commit. You could feed a family of four for a week on it.

Major improvements:
  • Pulled disparate "asset cache" classes together with a common interface, cutting out at least 300 lines of code and making a nice tight addition to Propane Injector later on.
  • Added camera controls to the vignette, as well as non-critical system input processing (new input events, quitting the program, changing fullscreen, minimizing).
  • Working now on getting the renderer to switch between fullscreen and windowed modes on the fly. This is a feature that I think was sorely missed in Glow.
  • Added stub weapon classes and some more inventory skeletons. I think I can probably get ammo being ejected pretty soon if I can just sit down and do it like today.
Just banged in a new feature just now; the vignette gives the player limited camera control, allowing them to orbit around the ship while it's doing something. Exciting!

Anyway, back to work on the fullscreen switcher.
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