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Unemployed again

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So as per yesterday, me and the company have now parted company.

Mixture of a great load off and concern about finding something else now. I went round all the agencies yesterday and everything seems really quiet where I live at the moment.

There are a few jobs in the paper I can go for but the temp work seems really quiet so I'm unlikely to walk straight into something.

I'm working two or three days next week for my old company, just rewriting their product manual for them, and there is a possible weeks work the week after as a temp at a company in town.

Also have started a possible avenue into a company I used to work alongside in a previous job but again even if it worked out, it won't be started until August at the earliest.

Just bought myself a car as well. Only paid GBP400 for it but now need to find GBP40 a month to insure it plus petrol. Starter motor is playing up already so need to take it back up the garage on Monday. I'm hoping they'll fix it for free, but for the money I paid for the car I can't expect too much.

It's a 14 year old Vauxhall. Goes lovely once it starts so am pretty happy with it and it will make it a lot easier to work anywhere I can find something now me and my girlfriend have a car each to use.

Just more expense, which I don't really need at the moment. Oh well.
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