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CircleSliderControl v1.0

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(5.34 KB) prereq: .NET

CircleSliderControl v1.0
by steelgolem

while working on my sprite class i realized it would be
pretty cool if i made a viewer, and one of the things i
needed for the viewer was some way to change the direction
the sprite was facing. i liked the idea of a circular slider
control so i built it.

drop one in and handle the DirectionVectorChanged event.
it'll fire if you set DirectionVector or the user moves the
sliderButton around.

- the exposed DirectionVector property is a PointF object
- jpetrie says my code isn't thread-safe
- Resize keeps the control exactly square and goes with the
smaller dimension, so change both at the same time if you
want it to go bigger

- check control class for over-exposion
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