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I created this menu as a personal exercise to dive into C# a little farther during the first two weeks of the workshop. I hope to be able to use this somewhere in the text game we'll be working on. I've always liked these types of menus.

Some features:
- Text alignment (Left, Center, Right) within the highlighted area
- Add/Remove any object to/from the menu
- Console Colors
- Menu X, Y placement
- Other misc stuff

The testing code:

using System;
using MenuSelection;

class TestMenuSelection
static void Main(string[] args)
int fieldWidth = 25;
int numOptions = 5;

MenuColors menuColors = new MenuColors();
menuColors.SelectionBackgroundColor = ConsoleColor.Blue;
menuColors.SelectionForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.White;

VerticalMenuBar mainMenu = new VerticalMenuBar(fieldWidth, menuColors, TextAlignment.CENTER);
mainMenu.MenuWrapAround = true;

for (int i = 0; i < numOptions; i++)
mainMenu.AddOption("Option " + (i + 1));

mainMenu.X = (Console.WindowWidth - fieldWidth) / 2; // center
mainMenu.Y = (Console.WindowHeight - numOptions) / 2; // center

string opt;
opt = mainMenu.DoMenu().ToString();
Console.WriteLine("\nYou selected {0}.\nSlap a key to continue.", opt);
} while (opt != "Quit");

I'll post the source to the rest later after I add a horizontal menu class and clean it up. [smile]

One thing that is missing is quick-key selection, such as pressing F1 or ESC to select an option. I may or may not add that feature. I really don't have any idea yet how I would implement that. I'm sure something in the next few weeks of the workshop will help.
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