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Getting back to work

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With the contract over, (at least until I have to go back and support the damn thing), I can focus on the game with a clear mind.

The talk with my friend in the local business community was brief, but it went well.
He reiterated my feelings that quite clearly, I cannot approach potential investors until I have a working demo.
I am still not sure about asking for money yet.
My feelings are that I'd be more comfortable if I'd actually had the experience of releasing a game or two before up-sizing, but FH is a large and complex concept so it's tricky!

Then.. Good progress has been made on the Sunday sessions and know exactly where I'm heading. It shouldn't be long until it comes to fruition!

Anyway, the guy was positive and encouraging and interested! Said he'd definitely offer to help out once a demo has been crafted.
Also said he knows a guy with $20 million who'd jump at my project if he was convinced it was a good thing!

Damn it! I only need $2 mil ;-D
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Happy to see your project is still alive :D

Mine too ;) except i don't have anyone who want to inject 2M$ in the game lol

Keep up the good work :)

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