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Very tired

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After a recent bit of a run of bad luck, me and my girlfriend got given free weekend tickets to The Latitude Festival on Saturday and spent the afternoon, overnight and all day yesterday getting muddy in a field and listening to music and stuff.

These guys were mindblowing. This lot were completely enchanting and mesmerising. This lot were very entertaining to watch.

There was some very good comedy in the Comedy Tent (where else?) with Jeremy Hardy, Alan Carr and Christian Reilly provding my personal highlights.

Every thing was very expensive and you had to pay a refundable GBP2 deposit on your beer glasses, but that stopped the place being knee-deep in plastic glasses and worked pretty well.

Had drunken fun on Saturday night, then a very chilled out Sunday. We were pretty lucky with the weather both days and can't complain.

Few things happening work-wise at the moment but need to wait to see what pans out before any updates.
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