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Ripping off mario sounds

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I'm back, and working on the sound effects for Blocky Man. I first added back the old sound effects that I had taken out awhile ago. Now my job will be to go through each level, using the appropriate sound for each enemy and environment. Currently I'm working on level one, with such things as adding a humming noise when the UFRO passes by.

There is alot of sounds to find for the levels and the menus yet. Not to mention I have to replace two sound effects because they are taken directly from Mario[grin]
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Perhaps you schould use some SoundEvents so you can use some little wind effects!

Talking about Events! you can also add some Text Events so you can tell a story :D

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I was thinking of adding some things like that, such as a "whoosh" sound when Blocky Man starts running after getting an energy drink.

As for dialog, I don't know if I will add that. I'll probably take the Sonic approach to that and keep the character silent, although there is text in the end cutscene.

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