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A place for cats

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Holy crap, I haven't updated this thing in... well, possibly ever. I also haven't updated my main blog in forever, either. However, I'm paying for this one, so it should probably get some use.

So, let's see... currently I am an "actual" game developer (well, paid summer internship), which is interesting. I've also got a few projects -- like a retro 2D platformer and a fancy new version of SHilScript -- that I keep intending to work on during the weekends and never getting around to because I'm horribly lazy. If ravuya keeps bugging me enough I will probably get some work done on them, or at least update my blogs so everyone knows exactly how little is getting done.

Shameless plug of the moment: one of my friends has developed a MySpace for cats, called Meowspace. I would make a profile myself, except my cat died a few months ago (possibly, but not verifiably, due to the Chinese pet food fiasco.) :(
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