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Blah interface

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I'm getting sick of the interface for Novarunner, so I'm thinking of making it more mouse driven, or at least less sucky.

To that end, I'll be doing a redesigned star map tonight and showing it off to you guys hopefully tonight or tomorrow night. Won't that be fun?

Yes, it will be fun. So much fun.

Interfaces are hard. I'll also be writing a fairly lengthy blog entry on why interfaces suck in general, and some fascinating paradigms coming up.

I've also been finishing off my GDNet article on portability. You'll want to read it and then port all your games to OS X.

In the meantime:
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Looking forward to reading your article, Mike. Will it be focusing on Mac portability (you hound, you) or in general? Will it be language (C++?) specific? And when is soon(tm)? [smile]

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Gaiiden has told me it's running at the end of the month and I'd better have it done or he'll pound me.

It'll cover the general portability concerns: endianness, etc. It's more or less a bulkier version of tips for writing portable games, with some stuff changed here and there.

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