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The Object Model (and Happy Code)

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Okay, this is neat. Maybe not from the perspective of your average gamer, but I think that fellow developers respect a good chunk of decent code design. I know I do.

Prior to recently (read: all work preceeding (and including) Membrane Massacre), writing good code just wasn't something that I bothered with. To me, finishing the game quickly was more important. Or rather, it used to be. As a result -- I'm sure you all know -- this resulted in tons of ugly hacks here and there, redundant code, and a handful of virtually untraceable bugs. I'm sure I've done a pretty good job of hiding this shameful facts in my games thus far, but this item keeps on coming back to haunt me whenever I attempt to take on a large project such as Skirmish: bad code drags me down. For small to medium games I can generally get away with it; even Membrane Massacre, a 5-month-long excursion, managed to reach completion with fairly hackish code. I don't think I would be able to add much more to it at this point, but I'm starting to dislike the idea of "just barely surviving game completion". What is one to do?


Read the rest at my new DevLog location
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