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So, my XNA project is due on Thursday. My team member has been doing all the UI and graphics stuff, as well as general game state and all that. I've been working on the map editor, and lately, collision and AI.

Here's the rough breakdown of the semester so far:
First half - Too busy at work to do anything.
Second half - Still feeling out the new job, didn't feel like doing school work.
Last week - Oh crap, this game is due soon! Made map editor.
Yesterday - Tank-map collision.
Today - Bullet-map collision.
Tomorrow - AI.
(Yeah, I'm a terrible student)

Yay, crunch mode!

Of course, as this has been going on, I've been learning C#, XNA, and working full time at a job I'm still trying to get a feel for. Needless to say, it's been a little busy.

It's funny learning a new language. I feel a lot like when I did when I first started learning C++, except I have a much better idea of how to structure programs and how program flow should work, and all that fun stuff. As far as leveraging the language goes, I'm definitely programming in C#, not into C# (there was a good article I read a while ago about programming in a language vs. programming into one, but I can't seem to find it, otherwise the link would go here...). It certainly doesn't help that all the serious work has been crammed into about 2 weeks. I'm back to using way to many globals (or, in C#, static members/methods), and hacking together working solutions instead of implementing elegant ones. I really do want to learn C#, it's just not going to happen during this class.

On the job front, things are going well. I will say this though: it's damn annoying trying to fix a bug that seems to happen on every machine except yours [flaming].

Obligatory screen shots:

The map editor in all its ...glory? The connected blue circles are waypoints for the AI, the red areas are collision volumes.

The game, as it stands now.
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