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Still working...

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I'm still working on a lot of stuff...trying to get all the art assets re-done @ "next-gen" <-- quote unquote, whatever "next-gen" means...but yea, it'll all look badass that's for sure ;-)

Also more gangs, I must have more variety in the game here is the list I'm looking at now -


Black Gang
Italian Mob
Latino Gang
Indian Gang [From India, not American-Indians]
Russian Mafia
Irish Mob
Biker Gang [Hell's Angels inspired]
Japanese Yakuza

I'm having about 23 cars made from scratch [I only had 16 models before, so I'm getting some new types], that are going to be amazing...I'm using the same guy as before, but this time about 7X the polycount, and 8 texturemaps per-vehicle, combined in a shader. Things like a damage map, a color map, decal map, etc. I'll write a nice new car shader with reflection/fresnel/blingbling to make 'em look sweet. Also since the color map is now independent from the decal map, I can have unlimited vehicle colors.

Also I'm increasing each game server's capacity from 6 people to 18 people. I've unfortunatly had to ditch Newton as my physics engine. I'm integrating Ageia PhysX right now, I have a PhysX card in one of my test computers so I'll be able to test that whole shebang....too abd whenever I try to create my city geometry as a "hardware" terrain mesh, it doesn't work :-/ Which has essentially forced me into "software only" mode....but still it looks to be a lot more stable than Newton [but Newton is made mostly by one guy, so it's still amazing, and is a great library]. Though I'd be a fool not to take advantage of a $50,000 physics library, made free, that everybody elses uses.

What else...basically just trying to get all that done whilst keeping in my BETA timeline.

Also I've been having fun trying to find some investors for my company / project [though it looks like I might not need them at the moment]....if anybody out there is looking to get in on the ground floor of Radioactive-Software send me an e-mail, we'll talk [grin].

Fun stuff...I'll try to post updates more frequently.

- Danny
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If your looking to branch out into more gangs.

An idea could be (English) Football Hooligans, some are absolute nutters, though probably wouldn't really relate much to the drug side more the violence side.

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