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Damn IE!

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Did you know that IE doesn't support the text doesn't get gray and the option is very selectable, I found this out today when writing some time based code. Showing the days of the week in an selectbox, but no, it didn't work. Checked firefox to be sure, and yes my code work fine. Began to search the net for a answer. Here I saw that the "feature" was considered to be included in IE7, feature...well it's standard. w3 says that BUTTON, INPUT, OPTGROUP, OPTION, SELECT, and TEXTAREA should support the disabled attribute. Well it all ended with me doing an ugly hack, as usual, I check if the client is using IE (serverside) and then I just don't print the options, but if the client use any other browser I print it out the way it is meant to be. It's a shame though, 99.8 % of the user who are going to use the application is going to use IE.

There, done ranting. Just got a little pissed, not that a gamedeveloper forum is an ideal place to rant about webdevelopment quirks, but had to get it out [smile]
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The web isn't stupid. The browsers are. All in favor for only allowing one browser, raise a hand.

I have trouble sleeping, and I write web apps for a living, perhaps there is a connection.

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