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sgSprite Viewer 1.0

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gotta get this in quick before goes down again ;)

i've been working on a sprite class, and built a simple viewer for it so you can view xml files for my sprites and change directions and actions and stuff visually. i even added reload functionality so you can have the xml open in notepad too and alter its contents while you're viewing it and just ctrl-r after you saved the notepad to see the changes right away. the thing's pretty useful.

simple cucco sprite. one action, two dirs.

a little more complicated.

anyways, now that i got this much done i figured i'd go ahead and start on the next step, non-looping actions. well, its pretty much done, and worked into the viewer and works great. i'm going to add a play/pause button and a stop button that you can use to see if the thing's still playing, or whatever. i might need a rewind button (|<) at some point, but thats not until i'm doing stuff with really long animations.. like street fighter or something.

i'm eventually going to want a speed adjuster too so that you can slow down quick animations.. but i guess i'll need that functionality in the sprite too for things like using a speed/agility/dexterity score to change how fast you can swing a sword or whatever. enh, lots to do.
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