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I've been doing lots of menu work at the moment - mostly the tedious stuff which makes a game more polished but unfortunately doesn't add any new gameplay. At the moment I'm adding in the game complete and high score menus, then I'll have to do the high score backend.

The high score backend is always more tricky than it looks. It's got to deal with encryption and checksums (for which I'll be using an implementation of Tea (tiny encryption algorithm). It's also got to handle versioning and version upgrades for when I change my high score table structure in the future. And depending on how bored I get it should also be able to store multiple types of 'score'. Eg. tables of best times, hit percentages, etc. etc.

I suspect I'll go with my tried-and-tested method of doing something ridiculously simple and evolving a proper reusable module out of it as needs and requirements dictate. I should probably start by at least looking at my old high score code, but thats at least four years old and required serialisation to store the data (which makes version upgrades very tricky) so it's probably not going to be useful as a starting point.

And still no internet access at home, so no pictures yet. [razz]
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