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Captain Ace

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The sound effects are slowly starting to get into the game. All of the Blocky World sound effects(levels 1 & 2) are complete. It is very difficult to find good free sound effects. Evidently the good sound effects are, well, not free. I can never seem to find the type of sound I'm looking for, and have to settle for something that almost sounds right. I'm very, very tempted to release the game without sound, because without sound, the game is pretty much done. But, I'll keep trying to get the sounds in.

I've mentioned my beat-em-up project, which, although I've made good progess on it, I'm going to wait tell after I release Blocky Man to really work on it. I took up again an old XNA project I had started a little while ago, and started to work with it:

It's something I've always wanted to do, make a game like one of my favorite arcade games, Galaga. One thing I'll say is that, having worked on a rather large project(by my standards) like Blocky Man, it's fun to just sit down and work on a simple arcade game. So after Blocky Man is done, I probably will make a few simple games like this, because they are alot of fun to make.

The screenshot doesn't show probably my favorite graphical thing about the game, the stars in the back scroll in a sort of parallax manner because each star has a random speed. It's kind of sad to think that after trying to make great parallax scrolling in Blocky Man and Fists of Justice, I end up doing it best in this. Oh well, I was too busy looking at how nice it looked to really care.
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