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A bit 'o' progress

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So last night I sat down and did a bit more work to do a naive implementation of loading and showing a model.

I'm still using the .X loader for simplicity, but this time around I managed to load the model and it's materials and draw it using a simple textured shader, quite a nice feeling.

I'll probably be sticking with .X for a bit and eventually changing to a collada loader.

With this in place it's probably time to start working on the Room class, starting primarily with heightmaps again. I'll be sticking with my current system of using a large texture map wrapped to the terrain, it gives the most color flexibility and offloads most of the work to the artist.

I need to start some concrete design work on my new control scheme; in my head it 'seems' brilliant but I need to make sure it'll work properly and actually be fun.

I smell a screenshot soon :)
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I'm curious about the Collada thing. What's wrong with .X, if you're going to be using D3DXMesh and its animation controllers anyway, why not just stick with .X, which works with those interfaces with a minimum of fuss? Why bother loading Collada data at all?

Or are you planning on using Collada as an interop format from the modelling tool and cooking it down to .X format for use with your engine?

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I've heard .X is a bit 'eww' but i'm using it for now, and might end up using it in production code *shrug* we'll see. :)

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