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Pissed (again)

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Sorry to be such a ranter, but now these two days I've been working on the project at work (look one post down) I have really come to understand why people complain so much about Internet Explorer. It is really frustrating working with, most common things work as expected(not the box model, but that is a whole chapter by itself, wtf?) but then, when you scratch the surface and so you get completely stunned about the difference between it and Firefox, Opera. Firefox and Opera are pretty much the same, though Opera has surprised me a couple of times. I see now that I look like a Firefox fanboy ranting about "how good Firefox is", but this is not the case. I have no real favorite browser, but Firefox makes the best job giving me what I expect to get when I reload the page. And I don't only talk about cosmetic things though they are the worst to cope with, like not having a disabled option for
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