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The pain! The pain!

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So, you know I'm using Ogre 3D, version 1.4.3.

There are three exporters that allegedly work with animated characters and 3ds Max 9: LexiExporter 1.0.6 (just released), and oFusion Community Edition (from February) and the Ogre Mesh Exporter.

Unfortunately, oFusion doesn't work with skinned characters right now, and the Ogre Exporter generates data that won't be converted by the XML converter (missing for some part of the mesh). The Lexi exporter doesn't even load on my machine -- "Error loading dll: LexiExporter.dll" even though Depends says all the dependencies are fulfilled in the path.

I really, really, really don't want to end up writing a tool this time. Of course, I really, really, really can't afford the oFusion Pro cost, either. You may know that I've written several other exporters from 3ds Max and other tools, including kwxport and NuXporter for DeleD. I know what pain it is -- and avoiding that was the whole idea of using pre-made libraries only.

Is there any other rendering library (I don't need or want a full gaming engine), which has reliable tools, and is open source? I already own Torque (suck tools, suck code base, acceptable feature set, good hardware compatibility) and C4 engine (acceptable tools, good feature set, no outdoors capability and no support for low-end hardware).

Heck, maybe I should just create a Source mod or something...
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Have you looked at OpenSceneGraph? Although, I honestly couldn't say how quality the 3DSMax exporter is, or how much work you'd have to do to get your animation up and running. It's been a couple years since I tinkered with it, and I never did any serious work with it. Also, I'm a Blender man. >.>

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works pretty well, requires some hand tweaking of things like materials...but all in all, not bad. There are a few ogre projects in the works for level design type stuff, but nothing great (that i have seen) as of yet.

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Btw: see next post for OgreMax. It, too, had several bugs, but Derek worked them out with me in near-real time, which was pretty impressive.

And, yes, I've looked at OpenSceneGraph, and it's OpenGL only which doesn't work well for me, and it's a traditional performer/inventor style scene graph, which also doesn't work well for me. Ogre3D is, too, to some extent, but it's easier to work around that aspect with Ogre IMO.

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