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not good

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So the sound situation is really not good at the current moment. Most of the sound effects I've put in the game are quite bad, and some are ripped from other games. Sadly, these are the best that I can find, and I've been looking alot.

It doesn't really seem worth the effort to keep working on the sound effects, and I personally would like to release the game without sound right now. The game is complete otherwise, and I could probably release it tomorrow if not for that(at most the day after tomorrow).

So, should I release the game now, without sound, or should I keep trying to make it work?

On another note, my shmup game is going quite nicely[grin]
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You could be crafty and set a challenge for budding sound effect creators on the forums; release your game with blank, silent sound effects and/or music, and set it as a challenge or contest for budding audio designers to put in their own. At the very least, I'd probably have a crack at it; I still owe you a few pieces of platformer music [grin].

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I could release normal Blocky Man with no sound, and then hold the contest. Once I get sound, I rerelease it as Blocky Man Gold Edition[lol]

I really like the music you've done for the game, I just am unable to find any good sound effects to go with it. I'll probably release the game tomorrow or saturday without sound, possibly to be added at a later time.

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while i'd prefer to see the sounds in the game (you are so close to a truly COMPLETE blocky-man), i also know how much trouble sounds can be

so if you want to release bm tomorrow then go for it! i haven't been by in a while, but it looks great; as usual i'm jealous :)

can't wait to see what you decide to work on next!

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