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I'm working for the U.S. Forest service this summer, and unfortunately internet access has been limited to using a station computer every once in a while in my off time.

In my free time I've been working hard at rewriting my game using Microsoft's XNA framework. Things have been going pleasantly smooth, and I think XNA is a good succesor to managed direct x. The best thing is that Microsoft has written a bunch of brilliant tutorials on all kinds of useful subjects. (unfortunatley I can't access them here).

Where xna really shines through is in how much easier it is to do the stuff that I've never been good at, like displaying complex text (sprites are super easy in xna). Model loading has also been vastly simplified, and only requires a few short commands( content.load("model") ).

I have the same problems that I've always had, notably I still haven't figured out how to accurately rotate a model so that it is facing another model. matrix.createlookat doesn't seem to work, and neither does a fancy quaternion thing that some nice guy whipped up for me. This is really only a mild concern at the moment however, and I'll deal with it when I have a less limited internet connection.

other than that the game is coming along fairly well.
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Hey man, sorry I don't have this thing configured to let me know when i get comments.

The problem that I'm having is that the forest service blocks, probably because of the "rebellion" in its title. It's retarded, but it means that I can't get back on the site until I'm done with this job and back in Green Bay (probably sometime in september).

However you will be happy to know that the gamedevelopment has been moving ahead in leaps and boundsm because I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment.

If anyone at swrebellion is asking what happened to me, please let them know that I can't get on the site for awhile.


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