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Evil Steve


I love the Nintendo WiFi headers. They're full of stuff like:

void ForceShutdown()
// Functions that can be forcibly called will be called here.

The function signature isn't the same, but the comment is (NDA crap).

In other news, I've been writing some API hooking code. Currently, I can grab a running process, and hook an imported function so it loads a DLL I specify, calls a function in it, then unloads the DLL instead. For testing, I've hooked Notepad's ChooseFontW function to call my own function, which shows a messagebox, then calls the real function. Works great on XP SP2 and Vista, but I'd like to see if I can get it running on my server, which is XP-64, just for giggles really.

I also want to build up a static library of useful utility functions that I can link to an exe to make a very quick test app for things. I was going to make a sort of Powershell-like thing, but that's complete overkill I think.

Anyway, back to work...
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Original post by Trapper Zoid
That's better than the comments I remember for the Sony AIBO (may it rest in peace); they were all in Japanese.
Oh, there's quite a lot of that too.

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