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BT were due to enable our phone line in the new place today, but they turned up and told us that there isn't a physical connection, so they can't do anything. It seems that the place has recently been split from a big house into several flats, and they 'forgot' to wire in the phone points. So the lack of internet (and thus screenshots) is probably going to continue for some time. [sad]

Which is especially annoying, as I wanted to write a map editor for Rescue Squad, and quite fancied making it in C# rather than Java + Eclipse RCP as I had originally planned. The Eclipse RCP is great in terms of end-user experience (snappy UI, native look and feel, and cross platform with nice native launchers) but in terms of development it seems very heavyweight to get anything done, mostly because of it's desire to be a robust, comprehensive platform, where I'm more after a RAD toolkit so I can get things done quickly.

But without an internet connection to download all the tools and documentation, I'm a little stuck at the moment. I may just see if I can find a beginner C# book with a cd of stuff on it just so I can get started.

Meanwhile I've taken some previous code to encrypt via Tea and I'm fixing it up to use it to encrypt the high score tables. At the moment I'm trying to figure out a way to wrap it up so it implements InputStream and OutputStream, which means you can transparently encrypt any file operation transparently.

This isn't as easy as it looks, as since it's a block cipher it only deals with fixed-size chunks. I'm going to have to stream out the data interleaved with control bytes so it properly deals with half-complete chunks without the actual calling code having to know (or care) about the details.
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