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not done

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Ok, so the game isn't done yet. So what?

I am trying to make the best game i could possibly make, and the problem is im constantly learning more and more, so I guess ill never finish the game. lol.

In all seriousness, the game IS really almost done. The matching mode works flawlessly, it just lacks the cool effects when you actually match a row. Its also missing a few more things I think should be added.

  • Delete effect when you match a row of pipes (blow up sprite over each pipe)
  • Score for each pipe matched to be gained floating above each pipe and slowly rising with decreasing opacity
  • Some kind of power up you route pipes through and when the row matches with the pipes routing through the power up, you receive it.
  • Create a new tutorial

This I would like to add, but may not

  • A store you can visit after each level to buy special items that clear the entire game board of pipes, give you more time to play the round to match more rows, etc
  • Tutorial pop ups as you progress through parts of the game.

one thing I am very proud of adding which is a first of many things I have done with this game. In-game, online, high score chart :D. I will have a top-10 and top 200 on the front page of my website when everything is said and done.

Thats it for now, not much longer now :D
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Looking back over your previous posts, your game looks good. Good luck with the direct sales, and hopefully you will find a portal willing to put it within reach of the masses.

Nice work!

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Thanks! Big Fish Games already wants it, but they accept almost anything. I think yahoo said they liked it, but never got back to me. I sent a really early version to them so maybe I can send the new version and they might accept it. I promised to not set myself up for high hopes because if I fail I don't want to stab myself :P.

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