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Platformer Project

No movie this time but instead I have uploaded a Live demo: - Also linked in my projects overview header ^- up there.

A while ago I heard about this sdk called igLoader which lets you run win32 apps via a browser. At the time it was pretty buggy so I saved it in my mental bookmarks for a later time. Recentally I went back to the site and found out that it is much more stable and also now works on all three major browser so I downloaded and started using. Its simple to setup so I thought i'd use it to present this small demo.

igloader website

I hope the backgrounds are fine now, I was up all night with a mate trying to get it right.

Of course C&C is very much welcome.


  • arrow keys move (up jumps)

  • press L to begin creating a platform (first point) and then left click to place the end point

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