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Help Wanted!

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It's rather interesting moderating the Help Wanted forum, I get to see a whole miriad of different projects and potential projects constantly parading through, some of which do quite well and the majority of which go absolutely nowhere. It's rather unfortunate that there are often some very good projects which slip through the cracks and don't seem to get much attention and I'd just like to draw a bit of focus towards one at the moment if there are any artists out there who may be able to contribute:

Cryptex of Time
Cryptex of Time screenshots
Click for larger...

Cryptex of Time is a casual puzzle game under development by one of our long-time but not overly well known users AJirenius and intended to be published via online portals. He's actually got the game to a completed state except for some graphics and audio assets and is currently looking for help with finishing it off, and apparently already has some interest from at least one publisher.

In spite of the advanced stage of development, relative ease of the work required, near guarantee of project completion and the fact that he's willing to negotiate some compensation for work done he has unfortunately not yet recieved any (well... only one composer) interest from people who may be able to help.

If you are or know of anyone who may be able to help out, please take a look at or pass on his Help Wanted thread.

Honourable mentions for interesting Help Wanted thread also currently go to:
Are Fell; oldschool RPG looking to fill various positions
and 1944 D-Day; WWII sim seeking gameplay programmers and other roles.
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Maybe it could be arranged that worthy Help Wanted threads get a mention in the Spotlight box on the front page, as it is just sitting idle at the moment [smile]

All the best,

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Original post by Programmer16
The Ara Fell link seems to links to the Cryptex Of Time page.

Ara Fell
Good catch, that's what I get for adding my links after I've typed the whole post.

Maybe it could be arranged that worthy Help Wanted threads get a mention in the Spotlight box on the front page
Not a bad idea, I would like to somehow bring more attention to those projects that seem to stand out; we do have some pretty awesome projects pass through amongst all the usual threads, I might have a talk to the higher-ups about seeing if there's any way I could give some of the better threads some more exposure.

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Didn't see this one until now. Many thanks for your help and your support.
The game actually was finished a couple of hours ago and is now sent to the publisher for approval. If nothing else happens I guess I'll be able to post a link soon. Next game is already starting up fine as well :)

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