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Lol, everyone misunderstood what I meant by interface design. I wasn't talking about UIs (although I do love designing and developing user interfaces.) I was talking about interface class design; designing a class so that you can pretty much modify it completely without messing with it's interface. That makes things a lot easier (obviously you can't always do it, but it's worth it to try.)

I've finished the math module somewhat. My 3D math knowledge was a lot shittier than I thought it was, so I'm putting off the rest of the classes until I actually need them. Hell, I'll probably just remove them from the list; DX's classes will work for that stuff.

One of the things on my list is the Animation class. In my last version of DFT I used XML to store animation information. This was quite limiting, was horrible to change, and all around sucky. So, instead I'm going with a new design.

This time around, the anim file will store frame information. Each frame will store a list of layers, which consists of the filename, location, and source rectangle. You'll also be able to specify the animation's loop type, speed, etc.

There will also be a second Animation class that is more game specific. It will work the same as the regular Animation class, except it will also support effects (like playing sound effects, making an object flash, etc.)

Anyway, back to work for me.

Btw, once I get deep into the graphics system I'll start posting screenshots and whatnot.
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Hehe, just after I posted that comment I thought more about what you ment.

Still I to love Interface design (ala my engine design;)

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