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Prinz Eugn


Hey hey hey... So I'm back with another big-esque entry to make up for the previous ones.

Sl9[Frustration] Part Dos

Well, after a couple brilliant skirmishes, my G36 Sl9 Airsoft rifle kinda broke again, once again requiring some hardcore disassembly, but thankfully not of Pandora's clusterfuck, the gearbox.

Turns out the Hop-up bucking(inch long rubber tube) is busted. Replacement? 7 bucks American, which is bullshit for a &*@#$! rubber tube, and that's the cheapest I could find it.

The good thing I was able to come up with an interim solution, ripping apart my spare G36C, a cheap spare gun I bought (planning ahead like a super genius FTW) and modifying that bucking to fit, as well as haxoring together an extended barrel, just for fun.

After a harrowing experience fighting someone with a gun that is at least as good as mine used to be, I think I'm probably gonna upgrade the SL9, rather than buying another gun. I may suck it up and buy this ebook, but I shudder at the thought of buying information of the internet. My current plan is to get a nice barrel, a nicer battery, some gearbox parts, and a new motor. I may also buy a cheap-ish G36K, which'll allow me to convert my gun to look more like this or this.

The alternatve is to simply buy a higher-quality gun, but upgrading is a little cheaper(but not by much) and you can do it in stages. Plus I like the SL9, and I need another mechanical hobby to get me off the computer...

Need advice on the cheap(<$40) airsoft guns? I be the man to talk to, I've fired most of the ones available on Amazon...(Get a $25 Steyr AUG and an extra magazine is my #1 pick)

FoT Weapons

I made inventory descriptions for all the weapons that will be in the game, save a couple easter-egg/boss ones.

I got a lot of other random FoT stuff, but it's rather really tiny; I'll probably montage it up at some point. I should have something related to the enemies tomorrow.

Safety First

I was getting bored the other day, so I decided to start drawing cool stuff on paper that I could scan and make into something shiny on my computer-box...


...turns into something like this:

MAGIC, I say!!

I even did a second one:

These could conceivably be used for Dogfight... er, Angels 22: Reborn. The first is an updated version of the player's avatar helmet for in-game dialog, and the second one is supposed to be a standard Neo-Soviet helmet, and therefore less cool.

I also uploaded a piktar of Sir Sapo to deviantart, so you can finally hunt him down and question him about OpenGL, I guess...

Anyway, Goodnight!!
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Original post by HopeDagger
Awesome arsenal, Mark. I need to sucker you into drawing some gun HUD icons for me too, it seems. [grin]

Sure! I remember back in the day reading your journal and seeing draffurd's in Skirmish and wanting to do something like that... and now I have.

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Very very nice. Honestly, I prefer the second helmet to the first one, just because it's simpler and not quite so "cluttered" to the eye. Hud icons are definitely nice specimens of pixel art though.

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Original post by Dragon88
Very very nice. Honestly, I prefer the second helmet to the first one, just because it's simpler and not quite so "cluttered" to the eye. Hud icons are definitely nice specimens of pixel art though.

Thanks, the second helmet is more plain definitely on purpose. I was thinking of NASCAR cars a little bit when I was doing the first helmet, as it's supposed to be an ace pilot, and therefore distinct, like it was very customized.

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