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That'd be an awesome name for a metal band from Swedlandway.

After years of hearing how wonderful Python was I decided to give it a go. First I just tried the standard Python stuff. Now, I'm not like the idiot bed-wetting linux zealots (hey, it's time to move out of your 'command center', aka, your mom's basement ok?) who think the command line is the be all and end all. And by extension using a line interpreter (didn't this shit die with GW-BASIC?). I'm sure it's useful at times, but not always, and never the exact way I need it to be. Anyway, so I went to find me a nice IDE (the windows python package includes a little IDE, but it's a command line with menus, by the way, as an off topic inflammatory, vi sucks.) I found a nice one (well, nice being relative since I have no experience with this in python) called SPE, it's not visual studio, but that's expecting too much. Or was it? Regardless I was off. I learned a few things, and I'm pleasantly surprised. It's a nice language, not terribly difficult to learn and fairly friendly over all. The whole dynamic typing thing is kind of nice, albeit I'm just not used to it and I'm old and I have a temper (as I explained to a few gamedev counterparts this weekend) and I abhor change.

.NET for the win
So after doing some very basic things with it I thought to myself "Self", I said (ironic python reference) "Wouldn't it be fucking awesome if you could use .NET with this?" And of course, I answered (aloud no doubt): "Fuck yeah." So I found IronPython. And a nice entry on how to integrate this with Visual Studio. First, it's awesome. Second, the integration is somewhat buggy... but for learning purposes it was fine.

So with all this I got Gorgon running via Iron Python, it's kinda cool:

It was pretty simple to do, but in all reality it's a testament to .NET. I find it awesome that I can use any language I choose and produce consistent results.
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Wow, you're either incredibly stupid and cannot infer what I meant (stop sniffing gasoline, it's bad for you). OR, you're trying to start an argument over semantics.

Like I told another idiot, troll elsewhere.

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