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Evil Steve


Well, I spent part of the weekend learning how to use MASM. Well, the 64-bit version at least. The end result is that now (finally) my API hooking code works in 32-bit and 64-bit. Time for a random dump:


LoaderStubCode PROC

; Get function base offset to access "local" data into r10
call lblStart
pop r10
mov rax, offset lblStart
sub r10, rax

; Store registers, then use rbp for var offsets
mov [r10+varOldRBP], rbp
mov [r10+varOldRCX], rcx
mov [r10+varOldRDX], rdx
mov [r10+varOldR8], r8
mov [r10+varOldR9], r9
mov rbp, r10

; Store function return address
pop rax
mov [rbp+varFuncRetAddr], rax

; Call LoadLibrary() to load target DLL and store HMODULE
mov rcx, 101010101010101h ; DLLNAME_TOKEN
mov rax, 0202020202020202h ; LOADLIB_TOKEN
call rax
mov [rbp+varTargetHMod], rax

; Call GetProcAddress()
mov rcx, [rbp+varTargetHMod]
mov rdx, 0303030303030303h ; FUNCNAME_TOKEN
mov rax, 0404040404040404h ; GETPROCADDRESS_TOKEN
call rax

; Restore fastcall regs and call target function
mov rcx, [rbp+varOldRCX] ; rcx = first arg
mov rdx, [rbp+varOldRDX] ; rdx = second arg
mov r8, [rbp+varOldR8] ; r8 = third arg
mov r9, [rbp+varOldR9] ; r9 = fourth arg
call rax ; rax = address from GetProcAddress

; Call FreeLibrary to free the target DLL
mov rcx, [rbp+varTargetHMod]
mov rax, 0505050505050505h ; FREELIB_TOKEN
call rax

; Restore function return addresss
push [rbp+varFuncRetAddr]

; Restore RBP
mov rbp, [rbp+varOldRBP]

; Return

; "Local variables"
dq 0000000000000000h
dq 0000000000000000h

; Save old stack frame
dq 0000000000000000h

; Save fastcall registers
dq 0000000000000000h
dq 0000000000000000h
dq 0000000000000000h
dq 0000000000000000h

; Loader code EOF token
dq 0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0ah;

LoaderStubCode ENDP

Yup. That's ugly. I'm not really sure if I'm "allowed" to use r10 for my own stuff, the MSDN docs aren't that clear: "R10:R11 - Volatile - Must be preserved as needed by caller; used in syscall/sysret instructions" What does it mean "as needed", exactly?

Also, the x64 calling convetion (fastcall hybrid) annoys me. I loose most of my registers :(
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From my limited memory of MASM (from about 3-4 years ago now), the "caller preserves as needed" comment implies that if you call another function (or whatever you'd like to call it) there is no guarantee that it will not overwrite those registers with some crap data of its own. Meaning if it matters to you, you have to copy it to a preserved register or a chunk of memory that you will preserve before you call outside. That bit me once or twice in the past. "Hmmm, thats odd, this drawing routine DID work last time, but now its all over the place..."

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Balls. I had a feeling it might have been something like that... Unfortunately, I need two registers free to do my setup code because I can't seem to do:
pop rax
sub rax, offset lblStart
Since I get some error - I don't recall what it was now, something about the value being too large, presumably it's trying to use a 32-bit register or something odd.

Oh well, I'll see what I can do :(

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