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Blocky Man is here!

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Download Blocky Man Now!

But seriously, the game's here. I had to fix a few things up(and I'm glad I tested it first[grin]), but everything seems to be fine. Please note that the game should be compatible with most gamepads(not just the Xbox one), so if you have a gamepad, give it a try. Also, with the level editor you can make and play your levels.

I'll probably release the game in the forums and in the showcase tomorrow, but I wanted to test it here first.

Anyway, enjoy!

Edit: I've uploaded a new version that fixes a rather large bug and also has a fullscreen executable. Sorry about that.
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I liked the game, but the one thing that bothered me was how fast the game was. I couldn't keep up with it. By fast I mean..How fast all the enemy's AND how fast Blocky Man moves.

Good game though :)

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Thanks for playing!

I think the problem is that I never quite managed to do timing correctly, so it runs at a constant frame rate on any system. For some, it runs slowly and for some it runs really fast. Either that or the game is just too fast no matter what.

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