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Hungry Sheep, Another!

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Click here to download 'hungrysheep-8.avi' [avi divx](~3.46mb)

Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~1.33mb)

Hungry Sheep gets Update
I thought it was about time I did some more work to this game seeing as it's so close to completion.

The major new thing is the highscore system. This is somthing that is a basic require of this type of game so it had to be put in. I have also added combo scoring, it's pretty simple - basicaily when you eat a sheep your combo count goes up and any further eating for a while adds one to the combo count. The score is then calculated using score*comboCount {simple}.

A small change is that you get a stamina boost when eating crabs, this makes for more combos and more points and also adds a greater sense of chasing. Of course be careful because you dont want to run into winkie.

I have also uploaded a new demo for you to try.

Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~1.33mb)

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Original post by Ravuya
I thought you said there was beer in this fridge.

There is, unfortunately a troll has decided to take up residence and won't budge.

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