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Okay, so I decided to re-up my GDnet+ membership and start using the Journal. I've been meaning to for awhile, but I just couldn't think of anything that I was doing that was really worth writing about. I've spent the past four years at Purdue University earning my B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology, taking whatever courses I could that related to game development in some way and trying to network with other game developers. I joined the PGDC (Purdue Game Development Club) twice, because it fell apart once and then was reassembled. Finally, for my senior design/capstone course I managed to get together a few other fairly like minded individuals and produced a mod for UT2004. Information for that can be found on my website and at

Anyways, I was getting close to graduating and started panicking and mass applied to like 40 different game companies. I got a good response from Black Lantern Studios for a Game Designer position, which I wound up accepting, and I am also in the midst of getting the ball rolling for a Serious Game project with the Aerospace and Aeronautics Engineering department at Purdue University.

In here you'll find all sorts of crazy stuff about starting a job as a game designer and the various crap I'm going through with the Aerospace Design project.
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