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More release stuff

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Play Blocky Man Now!

I've had to fix some, er, rather large bugs since releasing the game, such as:
- Game crashes upon loading if the player launched the game once and exited without setting up a gamepad config
- Game would not save shop data if player exited without entering the shop
- Game crashes upon going to gamepad config without having a gamepad plugged in

All of these bugs are fixed now though. I released it on the showcase, so hopefully there's no more killer bugs.
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Recommended Comments

Fun game. I am currently doing very badly at it [embarrass].

Just to note that in fullscreen mode the scenes with water grind the program to a halt. You use SDL right? Does not making the screen surface a SDL_HWSURFACE help?

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Thanks for playing!

I tried so many things to fix the water: Using SDL_SWSURFACE, RLE compression, different image filetypes, but I couldn't seem to fix it. I thought it might have been my computer, but I guess not. Probably the best thing to do would have just been to not use alpha blending, but it just looked so nice[grin]

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