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In one-and-a-half years (December 2008), I graduate with a B.S. in Information Systems, and a minor in Business...

Whoah, where did the time go?

I could use an internship for the summer of 2008? Anybody, that knows anybody, that knows anybody- feel free to get in touch.

All in all, I can't wait to get back to work. I love learning, but dang I miss the paycheck, promotions, leading, collaboration, and all the other things that I can't think of right now.

I do hope all is well.

As for me. Game development has turned into a pure side hobby. I've decided that software development will be the best place for me to enter the software industry, grow, and eventually lead. I love games, and the pleasures from actually building one to make it work. But all in all, it just gobbles up too much time. Especially, since I was already behind the curve.

It's alright though. I met some great people. I got to spend 2 years devoting much of my time to learning new programming concepts, and applying them to create some awesome interactions with the computer.

I wouldn't say I'm out of the game. I'm taking a 3D game programming course here on campus next semester. So, I'll continue to tinker around with programming, and with time, I hope to come back to this journal to post some interesting things.

I spoke back in March about how I started managing my own stock investing portfolio. Things are going really well. I started March 1st, with my first stock purchase, and today my portfolio sits at a 13% gain. The second-out-of-five stock picks that I ended up choosing back in March, is up 55%. I give that to being most of luck, and part to understanding how valuable the company was undervalued. Not too bad.

Well I'm off! Take Care!
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